Filtered Honey, 350g

Honey Group Finland is the only company in Finland to bottle filtered, fluid honey. What makes our Filtered Honey unique is that it has been filtered to remove pollen particles. This creates a fluid, pollen-free honey that stays fluid for a long time and can be enjoyed by most people with pollen allergies.

All honey will eventually become crystallised. If the honey has started crystallising, it can easily be made fluid again by gently heating it either in a hot water bath or in the microwave.


Suomalainen suodatettu hunaja

Unique bottlecap mechanism

Honey Group Finland’s filtered honey uses a unique bottle. The bottle has a closing mechanism that prevents honey from dripping after use. The honey in this bottle does not make a mess or make things sticky, so you can easily take with you on picnics and trips.

Watch our video about using the bottle below (video is in Finnish):



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