HONEYSTY energy gels

Honeysty Energy Gel is a natural sports gel that contains honey and helps keep your blood glucose level high during endurance performances and the final spurt that follows them. For information on our research results, testimonials and more, visit

Honeysty Energy Gel is a booster made from Finnish honey that contains no preservatives or artificial flavours. Our users are especially satisfied with Honeysty’s good, natural taste and easy-to-use packaging. The honey-based energy gel is also gentle on the stomach and better-tolerated compared to industrially-made sports gels.


Where to buy Honeysty

Honeysty Energy Gel can be found on store shelves with other sports supplements in the stores of many large chains, but the quickest and easiest way to buy it is through one of our webstores below.

If you want to order Honeysty energy gels abroad, please contact us at Honey Group.

At the moment we don´t serve international shipping at our webstores.


Honeysty Energy Gels is perfect for hard training and sports, but it´s also very handy in hiking and other outdoor activities.


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