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Honey products

Honey Group Finland is the largest honey packaging company in Finland. We handle approximately 250–300 tonnes of Finnish honey every year. Honey is packaged in jars and bottles in different forms. We also use honey to make different honey products that are specifically suited for sports, special diets and those with allergies.


Honey packaged by Honey Group Finland

It is important for us to sell high-quality honey that customers enjoy. Many factors affect the quality of honey, including the plants the nectar was gathered from, the honey’s ripeness during harvesting and how the honey is processed during packaging and storage. Our processes follow the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s Act on Honey (Maa ja metsätalousministeriön asetus hunajasta). We also monitor the quality of honey ourselves throughout our production process, and we follow the ISO standard for food safety management systems (ISO 22000:2018) which has been certified by Bureau Veritas on 30 April 2020.

Honey that we have packaged in consumer packaging can be found in stores all around Finland. Our most well-known products are Finnish Floral Honey and Traditional Finnish Crystallised Honey – both products are available in 450-gram and 200-gram jars. For bottled products, we package Finnish Filtered Honey (350g) and the Mieleinen Finnish fluid honey product (340g) which is available in Original, Bilberry and Strawberry flavour. In addition, we have packaged Hungarian polyfloral honey (450g) which can also be found on store shelves. If your store does not yet carry products packaged by Honey Group Finland, you can find them in our webstore at

In addition to consumer packages, we serve the food industry by delivering Finnish and foreign honey in batches of varying sizes.

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