Mieleinen Original, 340g

Mieleinen is Honey Group Finland’s unique honey product that combines honey and fibre. Mieleinen has the great taste and health benefits of Finnish honey, and it also contains 34% nutritional fibre, which improves digestion, and 48% fewer carbohydrates compared to regular honey. Thanks to its mild sweetness, Mieleinen is also great for those who think ordinary honey is too sweet.

Mieleinen contains almost 50% fewer carbohydrates compared to regular honey, so it is a good product for those who are looking to lose weight and people who follow a FODMAP diet.


Honey Group Finland Mieleinen, 340g

Mieleinen stays fluid

Honey is a clean natural product that eventually crystallises. The unique consistency of the Mieleinen honey product keeps the product fluid. Mieleinen Original is for those who want to enjoy the traditional and original taste of honey. Mieleinen is also available in Bilberry and Strawberry flavours. Mieleinen is packaged in a bottle that has a unique mechanism which keeps the product in the bottle and makes sure the bottle’s lip stays clean.

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Mieleinen is also available in Bilberry and Strawberry, flavoured with Finnish berries.

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