In 1969, a group of beekeepers founded Honey Group Finland Ltd in order to meet two needs: to make honey sales more efficient as well as to generate wide-ranging, beekeeping-product sales. To begin with, the place of business was in Toijala, but in 1973 the company moved to its current location in Kojonkulma, Loimaa. South-western Finland is the densest beekeeping region in the country, and Honey Group Finland is near to as many beekeepers as possible in its current location. Customers who live even far away are catered to with mail-order services as well as honey pick-up deliveries and sugar-distribution deliveries.

Honey Group Finland is the biggest packer of Finnish honey and has the widest range of beekeeping products on sale.

The honey is purchased from contracted producers, and then it is packed and sold on to wholesale dealers. Wax is also purchased, and it is used to produce new bases at the wax rolling mill. Beekeeping products are sold at the warehouse outlet as well as by mail order. In July-August, winter-feed sugar is also sold, and this is distributed with a tanker truck to customers all around Finland. In particular, the beekeeping-product sales and the sugar sales have significantly promoted and developed Finnish beekeeping, and they have ensured high-quality Finnish honey production. In order to ensure the continuity of honey production, the company annually organises beekeeper contracted-producer courses for new entrepreneurs who are interested in the industry.

Honey Group Finland’s foreign partners include suppliers from, for example, Estonia, Germany, Italy and Denmark.