Floral Honey, 450g

Finnish floral honey in a traditional 450-gram jar is one of Honey Group Finland’s classic products. Our most well-known, best-selling product contains traditional Finnish polyfloral honey. The crops in the honey include plants like raspberry and clover, but the honey also gets its aroma from other summery nectar sources. The honey has a mild taste and a slightly dark yellow colour, and it is quite crystallised but soft and easy to serve.

Finnish floral honey, 450g

Finnish honey can be used for almost anything


Finnish floral honey is a good basic product for every home. It has a wide variety of uses from cooking to cosmetics to sweetening sports drinks. The structure of floral honey makes it easy to use, and you can dissolve it into different ingredients by mixing, shaking or simply stirring the honey in on the stove. The different nectar sources of the honey give it a rich taste, even on its own.


Try Finnish honey for warm drinks especially when you are feeling ill.
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