Floral Honey, 200g

The most popular Finnish floral honey is now available in a small jar. the small 200-gram jar is perfect for camping, and it neatly fits in the cupboard at home or at your summer cottage. It also makes a delicious gift! The smaller jar is great for cooking as well if you want to see how different honey varieties taste in food.


Suomalainen hunaja
Finnish floral honey


Summery flavours in a small package

Honey Group Finland’s floral honey is Finnish polyfloral honey that has gone through quality assurance. The crops in the honey include plants like raspberry and clover, but the honey also gets its aroma from other summery nectar sources. The honey has a mild taste and a slightly dark yellow colour, and it is quite crystallised but soft and easy to serve.

Honey Group Finland’s floral honey gives you taste of Finland’s different seasons, long summer nights and clean nature all year round.


Small honey package is easy to keep with you. Try adding a spoon of honey for different meals and drinks every day.


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