Mieleinen Strawberry, 340g

Mieleinen Strawberry is the newest product in our selection. It is a delicious treat that contains Finnish honey, nutritional fibre and Finnish strawberry. Mieleinen Strawberry can be used as a sauce in desserts, as a topping for porridge or muesli, as an ingredient in smoothies and quark and more.

Mieleinen mansikkahunaja


The product contains Finnish honey, 33% nutritional fibre, which helps with digestion, and Finnish freeze-dried strawberry. This tasty product combines the soft flavour of Finnish honey and the summery flavour of strawberry with nutritional fibre that makes it gentle on the stomach. The product is gluten-free.


Mieleinen Strawberry, made from authentic domestic strawberries and honey, tastes wonderful for breakfast or brunch.

Mieleinen is sold in a unique bottle

Mieleinen Strawberry is sold in a 340-gram squeeze bottle that makes the product easy to serve. The silicone nozzle makes the delicious honey product easy to portion. The bottle does not get messy or sticky, and it is easy to take with you on your summer camping trip, for example. The fluid honey product also does not become crystallised – it stays fluid.

Mieleinen contains almost 50% fewer carbohydrates compared to regular honey, so it is a good product for those who are looking to lose weight and people who follow a FODMAP diet.

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Strawberry Mieleinen includes real Finnish berries and that makes this honey product full of flavours. As jams and marmelades, this honey product fills all the desserts perfectly.
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