Mieleinen Bilberry, 340g

Mieleinen Bilberry is a delicious treat that contains Finnish honey, nutritional fibre and Finnish bilberry. Mieleinen Bilberry can be used as a sauce in desserts, as a topping for porridge or muesli, as an ingredient in smoothies and quark and more.

Mieleinen Mustikka 340g

The product contains Finnish honey, 35% nutritional fibre, which helps with digestion, and Finnish freeze-dried forest bilberry. The amount of bilberry included in the product equals approximately 100ml of freshly-picked bilberries. This tasty product combines the soft flavour of Finnish honey and the healthy flavonoids and vitamins of bilberry with nutritional fibre that makes it gentle on the stomach. The product is gluten-free.


The Mieleinen bilberry is especially suitable as a gourmet honey for desserts and snacks.

Serve just the right amount of Mieleinen Bilberry

Mieleinen Bilberry is sold in a 340-gram squeeze bottle that makes the product easy to serve. The silicone nozzle makes the delicious honey product easy to portion. The unique consistency of Mieleinen guarantees that the product will not crystallise or harden even after a long period – it stays fluid.

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Finnish ingredients come together. Honey and berries straight from the fresh nature.


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