Traditional Crystallised Honey, 450g

Finnish honey normally crystallises rather quickly. The crystallised honey is usually mixed, which makes it soft and creates fine crystals. Traditional crystallised honey is allowed to crystallise freely and naturally. Crystallised, solid honey can be scooped up with a spoon and enjoyed, just like always.

Traditional crystallised honey highlights the best texture of honey. The crystals may even give you a slight, satisfying crunch.


Perinteinen kiteinen hunaja 450g


You can trace the origin of crystallised honey jars

All Honey Group Finland jars allow you to trace the honey’s origin. Thanks to our thorough quality assurance, we know each batch of honey we have packaged. You can find out where the honey in your jar was produced using the “Best before” date marked on your jar. Some of the batches from our contract producers are quite small, so some jars have multiple points of origin. See where your honey comes from!


Old fashioned and hard honey is every kitchens basic equipment.


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