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Honey Group Finland’s strategy

Honey Group Finland is a growing, international and profitable company whose transparent operations emphasise ethics and environmental responsibility. The company’s revenue is estimated to double in the next decade.

Our vision

to make Finnish honey into a hit product, an asset in saving Finnish nature and a part of everyone’s food pyramid.

Our mission

to offer our customers the most diverse product selection in the industry and to work as a representative for the protection of the Finnish bee. We want to make our customers feel close to Finnish nature and give them the opportunity to have an impact on the environment and its diversity through our products.


Our strategy

Honey Group Finland’s business is based on a diverse honey selection as well as on providing active and high-quality service for the retail and food industry. We offer consumers the opportunity for direct action on their responsible and green purchase journey. For our corporate customers, we share our expertise in the honey industry to help customers develop their production process.

Honey Group Finland’s raw ingredient procurement is based on contract production done by professional beekeepers and self-production carried out by our subsidiary. We will quickly increase the self-production of honey to 40–50 tonnes per year. After this, the production volume will ensure that honey sales increase and that we maintain a sufficient buffer in storage. The company uses a responsible and transparent procurement chain. Consumers are kept informed of the chain through methods such as a tracing service.


A strong brand and story bring growth

The company’s revenue is estimated to double in the next decade. We seek growth and profitability by productising honey, branding our flagship products and company and by exporting the products from the world’s northernmost honey production country to niche foreign markets. Honey Group Finland’s brand is firmly built on the taste, quality and origin of Finnish honey. Our long history and specialised expertise in the industry are an important part of our brand’s story.


We stand behind our producers

We operate transparently in both the domestic and international market, and environmental responsibility is emphasised in all our processes. Honey Group Finland also actively works to improve the conditions of professional honey production in Finland and to maintain good relationships with Finnish decision-makers and authorities.

We support our contract producers in quickly and profitably growing their honey production with tailored investment and payment plans. When necessary, we also organise training and develop messaging to help contract producers improve their professional skills. We pay special attention to the punctuality of payments, which is the most important indicator of reliability among producers.


Our values

Authenticity is the foundation of our product. The product that we produce and package is always authentic, clean and natural, and we operate transparently and responsibly. All phases in our operation have been standardised to achieve a consistent, high-quality end product.

Green principles are the biggest driving force behind our work. We want to help save the world, see lots of greens at the dinner table and enjoy the beauty of nature everywhere. Our most effective tool for environmental health is ethically produced honey and its use.

Finnish products represent cleanliness and our roots. The raw ingredients come from Finnish soil and the Finnish environment, and they are then packaged by a Finnish company with the help of Finnish labour. Finnish honey is our proof of Finnish ingenuity in different fields.

Entrepreneurship is essential for our operation. We are supported by a vast network of small producers who put their livelihoods in our hands. We make sure that our contract producers make their living with us. We want to increase the recognition of this responsible manual labour and improve people’s knowledge of the industry.


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Honey Group Finland – Authentically good

Honey Group Finland’s slogan “Authentically good” refers to tasty, high-quality honey, but it also refers to responsibility in different contexts. A real desire to do good is present in all Honey Group Finland operations, but first and foremost, it means that we want to promote biodiversity and maintain the green beauty of nature with bees. Honey Group Finland’s honey brings customers close to Finnish nature and gives consumers the opportunity to have an impact on environmental health. Our slogan reflects Honey Group Finland’s values (authenticity, green principles, Finnish products, entrepreneurship) and shows the potential for increased honey consumption everywhere in society. Extensive use of honey as a sweetener may even be important for national health, and it also supports Finnish work and entrepreneurship.

“Honey Group Finland’s products make people truly feel good. Whether the feeling comes from taste, cosmetics or physical well-being, each product helps pollinate nature and make it a better place. This message should be highlighted more in the future, and we hope that it encourages people to increase their use of honey. Not everything can be used with good conscience nowadays, but in our case, each spoonful helps save the world and makes the important work of beekeepers more profitable “, says Honey Group Finland’s Director of Brand and Marketing, Gidde Lönnmark.

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