Traditional Crystallized Honey, 200g

Traditional polyfloral honey that has crystallised and become solid. Crystallised, solid honey can be scooped up with a spoon and enjoyed, just like always. Dig up the honey with a spoon or other utensil and watch it melt and soften in drinks and food. Crystallised honey highlights its unique texture. You might even feel a slight, satisfying crunch.



Kiteinen hunaja


Small and convenient jar for testing

You can use the small 200-gram packages to test and learn more about different honey textures. This small jar has just the right amount of honey for different recipes and for enjoying the honey on its own. The small jar easily fits into a backpack and works as a light, delicious souvenir from long trips.


The small honey box is designed for travelling. Light to carry, easy to share at the campfire with your friends.
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