The honey that is packed by Honey Group Finland comes directly from Finnish honey producers from all around Finland. We pack the honey and deliver it to shop shelves for customers to buy. Our approximately 150 contracted producers tend their bees and produce honey amidst the clean nature of Finland. The well-being of the bees and their appropriate care are important to our contracted producers. This is how good, Finnish honey is produced. The careful quality control that is performed at the packing plant ensures the purity of the honey that we sell. This is how a high-quality, pure natural product is produced! Meet our contracted partners and hear their stories by watching these videos.

Leena Hirvonen, Urjala (Pirkanmaa)

Leena Hirvonen works as a teacher and is a part-time beekeeper. Leena spends her summers in the company of her bees enjoying nature and a slow-paced way of life. Beekeeping, which at times can even be physically demanding, provides a nice counterbalance to her teaching work. Leena, who invests in the quality of the honey, and her bees produce honey in the village of Menonen in Urjala, Pirkanmaa. This honey is packed by Honey Group Finland.

Duration: 2 min. 20 sec.

Aimo Nurminen, Naantali (Finland Proper)

All-time veteran beekeeper Aimo Nurminen is a beekeeper with more than 30 years’ experience. Aimo’s narrative echoes his love for beekeeping and his genuine interest in the quality of the honey that the bees produce. Aimo and his wife Raija have been contracted producers for Honey Group Finland from the very beginning of the contracted production.

Duration: 3 min. 8 sec.

Juha Välimäki, Nurmijärvi (Uusimaa)

Juha Välimäki is an already third-generation beekeeper, and his entire family is involved in the honey production. The journey that the honey makes from the beehives to a tub is an interesting process that requires a great deal of expertise and skills from the beekeeper. As a keeper of more than 200 beehives, Juha is a master of his trade. The honey that Juha produces is packed at Honey Group Finland.

Duration: 2 min. 58 sec.

Karoliina Nikitin ja Pekka Helenius, Sastamala (Pirkanmaa)

Karoliina Nikitin is continuing her father’s, Pekka Helenius’, work of many decades as a honey producer. The most important thing in their honey production is their focus on the bees. Even though they have approximately 150 bee colonies to tend to, the well-being of the bees is important to Karoliina and Pekka. Their honey that is produced amidst the beautiful nature of Sastamala finds its way to shop shelves after being packed by Honey Group Finland.

Duration: 4 min. 24 sec.