Beekeepers bring the honey that they have extracted to Honey Group Finland. Each batch is examined already upon arrival, and all of the honey that is delivered is carefully recorded. Quality control is performed during all of the work stages, thus ensuring the high quality and purity of the honey that we pack.
hunajan_kasittelyWhen needed, the honey buckets and honey barrels are put in a high-temperature room where the honey melts enough to be poured into large settling tanks next. Liquid honey is poured directly into these tanks to settle. In these settling tanks, the honey is kept in a temperature of approx. 38-40°C for a couple of days, and any possible remaining specks of wax or other particles rise to the surface. This pure honey is then strained and cooled.

DID YOU KNOW: In the settling tanks, the honeys that have been brought by the different honey producers get mixed and, therefore, the honeys from different parts of the country end up in the same jar or tub. However, due to our thorough quality-control system, we can easily determine the origin of the honey here on our home pages – enter the best-before date, which you will find on the lid of the honey, into the search engine and you will be given a list of the areas of origin. You will find this search engine on the front page.

Some of the honey is packed into tubs as fine-crystal, firm honey. A mechanical churning method is used to impact the crystallizing process. Once the honey has been packed into tubs, the tubs are taken into cold storage to crystallize. From this cold storage, the honey is delivered to wholesale warehouses and from there to retailers to be sold to consumers.

Bottled honey is packed as such in a liquid consistency without any mechanic churning treatment. After being bottled, the honey is stored at room temperature, since the crystallization process quickens in cold temperatures (the optimal crystallization temperature is +14°C). If the honey later crystallizes in its consumer package, the honey can easily be returned to a liquid consistency by placing the bottle in warm water.